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Application of PP talc masterbatch

2022-05-27 13:51:42


PP talc masterbatch is mainly used in PP, EP, PO, PS and other related industries.

1. The role of polyethylene blown film:

PP talc masterbatch filled injection molding HDPE composite material, in addition to the obvious improvement in performance, the tensile strength has increased, increased to a larger value when increased by 10%, remained unchanged when increased by 30%, but the impact was slightly Increase. For polyethylene blown film, talc filler is better than other fillers, easy to form and good processability. In addition, this film reduces the oxygen transmission rate by 80%, and is especially suitable for packaging greasy foods such as peanuts and broad beans. No oil or deterioration for a long time. This film can reduce the water vapor transmission rate by 70%, and is moisture-proof, suitable for underground earthwork moisture-proof cloth. It is also suitable for the packaging of ham and sausages.

2. In the application of ABS resin:

PP talc masterbatch is made by a special method and added to plastic, which has good dispersibility and uniformity. Resin is an amorphous polymer with the same molding processability as polystyrene. Can withstand good impact strength, low temperature resistance, tensile strength, high creep performance and 7Mpa load, but the size remains unchanged. Therefore, it is mostly used for shell molding of various instruments, TVs, tape recorders, mobile phones, etc. Of course, it is also widely used in textile equipment, electrical parts, auto parts, aircraft parts and other fields. However, people are not satisfied with the existing properties, and research on modification is being carried out extensively, and a large number of related materials have been published. For example, blister sheets for automotive panels made of a mixture of ABS and PVC, and imitation leather covering leather made of a mixture of ABS and PVC not only have high strength and toughness, but also maintain the durability of surface patterns. Filling the blend with ultrafine calcium carbonate or ultrafine talc can greatly improve the notched impact and tear of the blend. For example, 5% to 15% of super large calcium carbonate can be added to increase the notch impact by 2 to 4 times. It is an amorphous polymer, so it has the function of containing more fillers. Ultrafine talc can greatly improve existing properties and reduce costs.

3. In the application of polystyrene:

Unmodified general purpose polystyrene is a hard and brittle amorphous polymer, but PP talc masterbatch has electrical properties, aging resistance and high dimensional stability. The disadvantage is that it is fragile and susceptible to environmental stress cracking. Adding talc can improve impact toughness, adjust rheology, and greatly improve chute coefficient and tensile yield. For example, adding 40% talc as the main material, the disturbance coefficient will increase from 23800kg/cm to 58800kg/cm, and the tensile strength will increase from 336kg/cm to 385kg/cm.

4. Polypropylene in polypropylene

PP talc masterbatch is the addition product of propylene as a monomer under the action of a catalyst. It has excellent mechanical properties, non-toxicity, heat resistance, chemical resistance and processing properties, rich sources of raw materials and low prices. Therefore, it is widely used in many fields and has become the fastest-growing variety among the five general-purpose synthetic resins, but PP is partially crystalline. Since it is difficult for light to pass through the whole product, the transparency and gloss of the product decrease, and the appearance lacks aesthetics, so the application in the fields of packaging, medical equipment, household products, etc. is limited.



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