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Features and Benefits of Talc Masterbatch

2022-05-19 16:04:46

Talc masterbatch is a kind of plastic modified filler, which refers to the granules made of talcum powder as the main component, mixed with polymer or other carrier. Mainly used to improve the properties of rubber and plastic resins. Compared with talc, talc masterbatch has good processability and improves the problem of talc fugitive.

Features and advantages of talc masterbatch:

Talc masterbatch is a silicate mineral with layered structure and water content. Chemical formula: 3MgO 4SiO2 H2O. Chemical composition: 31.8% magnesium oxide, 63.37% silicon dioxide, 4.7% H2O2. Often contains a small amount of iron, aluminum and other elements.

The density of talc masterbatch is 2.7~2.8g/cm, which is the smallest hardness among mineral fillers, and the Mohs hardness is 1. It is soft and greasy. Its colors are white, gray-green, milky white, red, light blue, light gray, etc. Pearly or fatty luster.

380~500 will lose bound water, above 800 will lose crystal water. Talc is weakly alkaline in water with a pH of 9.0 to 9.5.

Talc has a layered structure, and two adjacent layers are bound by weak van der Waals forces. When there is an external force, two adjacent layers can easily slide or separate from each other. Therefore, the basic shape of the talc particle structure is flaky or scaly.

PP talc masterbatch manufacturer: The flaky structure of slidite powder greatly improves some properties of plastics filled with talc powder, and some people use slidite powder as a reinforcing filler.

First, talc masterbatch can improve the stiffness and creep resistance of fillers at high temperatures. In the process of processing, when the talc particles are arranged along the flow direction of the material, according to the principle of less resistance, the arrangement is basically flaky, and the small pieces are connected into large pieces. The rigidity of the material can thus be significantly increased in certain directions.

Secondly, the talc masterbatch can significantly improve the heat resistance of the filler. The heat distortion temperature used to measure the heat resistance of a material refers to the temperature at which the sample is bent to a certain extent under a load. The flake slidite powder can increase the thermal deformation temperature of the material in a specific direction. Among the silicon-containing fillers in the talc masterbatch, the stone powder is relatively cheap, which can reduce the cost.



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