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Properties of talc masterbatch

2022-05-12 16:16:52

The special surface modification of talc powder by ultra-fine treatment can make the talc powder master batch well plasticized, improve the surface rigidity of PP products, and greatly improve the heat resistance temperature of PP products. It is suitable for PP tableware, sheets, trays, auto parts, microwave disposable lunch boxes, bumpers and various injection-molded heat-resistant home appliance shells. The addition amount is high, which greatly reduces the cost of finished products. And does not affect the quality and gloss of the product, acid, alkali, high temperature, non-toxic and tasteless.

Anti-reflection modified polypropylene not only maintains the original excellent properties, but also obtains excellent transparency and gloss comparable to other typical transparent materials such as polycarbonate, polystyrene and polyester. In particular, PP has a higher heat distortion temperature, and transparent PP has a broader market prospect than other transparent materials. In terms of transparent beverage cups, microwave ovens, baby bottles, medical syringes and other instruments that require high transparency and require high temperature use or disinfection, Rapid development at home and abroad.

Talc master batch manufacturers: The mined talc (the raw material of talc powder) is selected as high-quality talc, and then directly pulverized by Raymond mill or other high-pressure mill, and directly packed into woven bags (50kg or 25kg woven bags) for sale as finished products.

In people's general understanding, powder should be relatively fine, so fine that it cannot be distinguished by the naked eye, while particulate matter should be distinguished by the naked eye. Does this mean that powders should be powders and granules are particles? Of course the answer is no. Powders, as people define them, are monomers composed of numerous relatively small particulate matter. This is because, no matter how small a powder is, it is a particulate matter from a microscopic or even microscopic point of view.

Therefore, the relationship between powder engineering and particle science is: the former studies the object from the perspective of a single unit or the whole, and the latter studies the object from the perspective of the individual, and the object is the same substance. In addition, the difference between the two is that the particles studied in powder engineering must be solid particles, while the particles studied in particle science include both solid particles, liquid particles and gas particles, as well as the size and distribution of droplets in the cylinder of automobile engines, and the size and distribution of pores in concrete.

Talc masterbatch manufacturers: Talc is an important inorganic material for plastic filling and modification. At present, it has been widely used in polypropylene modification at home and abroad, mainly for the production of interior panels such as front and rear bumper dashboards of auto parts. It is also used in the home appliance industry, such as washing machine parts, air conditioner parts, TV back shells, electric heater shells and various home appliance shells.



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