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Liaoning talc powder manufacturers introduce the application of talc powder

2022-04-13 16:20:21

Liaoning talc powder manufacturer's talc powder has good suspension, dispersibility and low corrosion. As a filler in coatings, talc can play a skeleton role, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve the hardness of coatings. It also has the characteristics of improving product shape stability, increasing tensile strength, shear strength and compressive strength, reducing deformation, elongation and thermal expansion coefficient, high whiteness, and strong particle size uniformity and dispersion. Flake talc can make the coating film have higher water resistance and enamel impermeability, while fibrous talc can improve the rheology and leveling of the coating, while improving the weather resistance of the coating.

Liaoning talc powder manufacturers introduce that talc powder is mainly used for primers and intermediate paints. Talc is the go-to choice for many products, flash bake primers and automotive paints. Talc can be used in whole or in part as a primer for steel structures to improve coating settling, film mechanical strength and recoatability.

1. Application of talc plastics from Liaoning talc manufacturers

Inorganic fillers play an important role in plastic modification and become an indispensable modification aid. Talc with white flaky structure is an effective reinforcing material in plastics, which can endow plastics with high rigidity, creep resistance and good solid luster at room temperature and high temperature. The addition of talc can change many properties of plastics, such as molding shrinkage, surface hardness, flexural modulus, tensile strength, impact strength, heat distortion temperature, molding process and dimensional stability of products. Adding talcum powder to polyethylene and polypropylene plastics can effectively improve the surface hardness and scratch resistance of the product. As we all know, the price of talc powder is 10%~20% of that of plastics, so the application of talc powder in plastics can not only improve the performance, but also effectively reduce the cost of materials and improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

2. Application of talc powder from Liaoning talc powder manufacturers in papermaking

Talc has unique properties, such as layered structure, softness, hydrophobicity, etc. Its application in the paper industry has obvious advantages:

(1) Helps to improve the retention rate of fillers, improve the opacity, smoothness and printability of the paper, and endow the paper with higher ink absorption;

(2) The chemical properties are stable, not only suitable for papermaking under acidic conditions, but also for papermaking under neutral conditions together with calcium carbonate;

(3) Its surface is hydrophobic (lipophilic), and organic matter is easily adsorbed on its layered surface. The addition of talc reduces the amount of dyes and effectively saves costs. In addition, its lipophilicity makes it useful as a resin, adhesion inhibitor and deinking agent for waste paper.

(4) It can be well combined with the sizing agent, improve the retention rate of the sizing agent, reduce the water absorption of the paper, and prevent the ink from penetrating the paper;

(5) Talc powder has a low friction coefficient, which can make the coating surface smooth and supple, reduce coating breakage, and reduce printing pressure.

(6) As a coating pigment with high aspect ratio, talc has excellent fiber covering ability and good printing effect, and can also improve the quality of gravure;

(7) Talc powder has special lubricity, and the coated paper made of it can obtain higher smoothness on the calender, and can reduce the amount of lubricant used in coating.

3. The application of talc powder from Liaoning talc powder manufacturers in food

Edible talc is used as an additive in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Non-toxic, tasteless, soft and smooth, edible. But excessive use or long-term consumption can cause cancer.

According to the national standard GB2760-2011, the maximum amount of talc in preserved fruit and chemical products (licorice products) is 20.0g/kg.



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