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Process of purifying talc powder

2021-11-16 06:35:51

Talc is widely used in industry and can be used in coatings, plastics, papermaking, water treatment, rubber and other industries. Depending on the specification of talc powder, its uses are also different, such as:

Talc powder can be used as a filter aid to treat wastewater. Adding talc powder to water treatment equipment can slow down the membrane fouling and prolong the service life of the filter membrane. Talc can be used as a filter aid mainly because it has strong adsorption, so sludge flocs are easier to aggregate, and the viscosity is correspondingly reduced, which reduces the membrane fouling resistance.

talcum powder

Talc is widely used in paints and coatings, mainly to reduce costs and improve the comprehensive physical properties of paints and coatings. The addition of talcum powder to paints can make paints and coatings have better paintability, leveling, and insulation. The resulting coating has good impact resistance and flexibility, and can effectively improve the corrosion resistance of the coating. and dryness.

Slaked lime, also known as lime powder, is a white powdery solid. Commonly known as slaked lime, professional name calcium hydroxide, the aqueous solution is called clarified lime water. Calcium hydroxide has the property of alkali and is a strong alkali. Calcium hydroxide is a strong binary base, but only slightly soluble in water. Calcium hydroxide is widely used in modern industry, especially in the construction industry.

The main components of ash calcium powder are a mixture of calcium hydroxide, calcium oxide and a small amount of calcium carbonate, which is a finishing product of lime. It is made of natural high-quality limestone with CaCO3 as the main component, which is calcined at high temperature to become quicklime, then selected, partially digested, and then pulverized by a high-speed wind-selection hammer mill. Its appearance is white and delicate. In recent years, due to the advancement of powder processing technology, ash calcium powder with a fineness of more than 600 mesh or higher has been available on the market. So what is the difference between ash calcium powder and slaked lime? Let's analyze it for you.

Photoelectric sorting: Photoelectric sorting is a method of sorting based on the difference in the optical properties of the surface of talc and impurity minerals. The photoelectric sorter includes preparatory organizations (mine bins, feeders, belt conveyors), radiation sources and detectors (sensors), electronic control loops and executive organizations, etc. In addition, talc is used to announce the characteristic of white fluorescence under UV irradiation.



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