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Application of talcum powder in water-based wood coatings

2021-09-15 17:25:56

Talc is an excellent additive that increases the popularity of plastics and imparts high rigidity and creep resistance to plastics. The participation of talc powder manufacturers can change various properties of plastics, such as molding shrinkage rate, surface hardness, flexural modulus, tensile strength, impact strength, thermal deformation temperature, molding process and product dimensional stability.

The use of talc in plastic films: polyethylene blown film filled with talc is better than other fillers, easy to form, and has good processability, and the addition of ultra-fine talc can reduce the oxygen transmission rate by 80%, which can be packaged food products. Moreover, the addition of ultra-fine talc film can effectively reduce the water vapor transmission rate, and has a good moisture-proof function, which is more suitable for underground geotechnical moisture-proof.

Application of talcum powder in water-based wood coating

For water-based wood paints, for topcoats with particularly high gloss and transparency requirements, talc powder can be added or less, but for primers, talc powder or other fillers are indispensable to use it. The general amount of caulking is between 5% and 20%.

Liaoning talc powder

Talc powder has the following effects in water-based coating:

It is used as a filler to reduce the cost of coatings, which is determined by the structure of talc and its low cost.

Increases physicochemical function and maintains the stability of the coating system.

Because the molecular structure of talc is layered, when it is used for coating, it can be uniformly dispersed in the resin in a layered shape, and has good compatibility with the resin and complementarity of mechanical functions. Just like the steel structure mesh embedded in the concrete, it can not only maintain the advantages of the coating itself, but also form a reinforced support structure with excellent mechanical properties to improve the physical properties of the product.

Increase coating weatherability and insulation

Because of its inactive chemical properties, it also has acid and alkali resistance and insulation properties. It can also reduce the aging and weathering of the coating and improve the electrical insulation performance when it is added to the coating.

Use as an auxiliary matting agent

Because of its special structure, after the coating film is dried, the surface forms diffuse reflection, which can be used as a matting agent and increase the stain resistance of the coating.

Provides paint corrosion resistance

Because talcum powder has a flaky structure, it can improve the protective effect because it prolongs the dispersion path of corrosive substances in the paint film.

Increase the feel

This is because talc powder has a greasy feel, and it can provide a special feel to the coating film after drying.



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