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Select high-quality ore as the raw material of talc powder

2020-07-25 09:04:19

Talc is one of the most widely used ultrafine powder products in the world. At present, the processing of talc mainly adopts the dry process, which is rarely used in industry. Dry production equipment mainly includes high-speed mechanical impact mill, jet mill, centrifugal autogenous mill, talc powder, rotary mill, vibration mill, stirring mill and tower mill. In addition to the jet mill, in order to meet the requirements of particle size distribution, other classification equipment generally needs to be equipped with fine classification equipment. The commonly used fine classification equipment is various turbo air centrifugal classifiers. Talc Masterbatch

Talc powder is made of high-quality talc ore as an over-separation process. Each process is produced according to strict operating specifications and testing standards. Talc is the foundation of all chemical industries. Without the support of the talc industry, my country's chemical industry will stagnate. Therefore, the level of talc production technology has become an important symbol to measure the level of a country's chemical industry, and it is also an important part of a country's economic development.


my country is a big country producing talc powder, and the rapid growth of our industrial level is closely related to the development of the talc powder industry. In recent years, a large number of competitive enterprises have emerged in my country's talc powder industry, but the overall level of talc powder production still lags behind the international advanced level, and the output of talc powder still cannot meet the needs of the market. Edible talc powder is made of limestone, which is processed into a white powder by a lime mill, and its main component is CaCO3. Heavy calcium has the characteristics of high whiteness, good purity, soft hue and stable chemical composition. Heavy calcium is often used as a filler.



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