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Talc Functions in Medicine

2019-05-22 11:40:18

In medicine, talcum powder can also play the following roles: talcum powder manufacturers

1. Talc can prevent the abnormal function of CFTR to transport chloride ions and the accumulation of body fluids in the lungs of patients with cystic fibrosis.

2. It can be used for drying and preventing caking when used in medicines, and is basically used as a tablet coating.

3. It can reduce the pleural effusion between the lungs and the chest wall in patients with tuberculosis.

In fact, the talc powder in food and medicine is all pharmaceutical and food-grade talc powder, and it is safe to be assured that it is non-toxic and tasteless.

talcum powder

Regarding the problem of talcum powder, the emergence of Johnson & Johnson's talcum powder carcinogenic problem has led consumers to question the safety of talcum powder. In fact, regarding the safety of talcum powder, consumers still hope that talcum powder companies can abide by their own credit. Talc powder is generally used in cosmetics and skin toner raw material formulations, especially talcum powder. For 80% of the raw materials on the market today, talc powder is used, and only corn flour is used by some companies. In fact, it is not necessary to use talcum powder. To worry too much, the talc powder of regular manufacturers is sterilized at high temperature before production, which is no problem in terms of safety.

In recent years, talc powder has been added to Liangpi, and everyone knows the harm. How should we judge when buying Liangpi as a consumer?

Adding talcum powder to Liangpi can make Liangpi look more beautiful, but it is also very harmful to the human body after eating. If we find that there are particles inside the Liangpi and the elasticity is very good when we buy it, do not buy such Liangpi, it may contain talcum powder.

By adding talcum powder to Liangpi to improve the color and luster, when people choose, they can't just choose from the appearance, they must check and choose from many aspects.



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