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In modified plastics, the application and difference of talc and calcium carbonate

2019-05-22 11:40:18

Both talc and calcium carbonate are used for filling, and the main purposes are: Liaoning talc

1. Increased dimensional stability (aka reduced shrinkage)

2. Increase the stiffness of the material,

3. Increase the heat resistance of the material,

4. Reduce material costs and other aspects,

Filling masterbatch

But it also has its flaws:

1. Density increases,

2. Poor use, the impact toughness decreases,

3. The gloss of the material has decreased.

About the difference between talc and calcium carbonate use:

1. The shape of talc powder is flake, so it has higher stiffness, dimensional stability and heat resistance temperature, and the reinforcement effect is good.

2. Calcium carbonate is generally granular, so its stiffness is not as good as talc in various aspects, but its price is lower, and its whiteness is high, and it has little impact on plastic impact toughness.

3. Talc has a nucleating effect on polypropylene, while calcium carbonate has no obvious effect in this regard.



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