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Yingkou Jintong New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact: Manager Gao

Tel: 18604972678 18641761999

web: en.ykjtxcl.com

Company address: Tangchi Town, Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province

Yingkou Jintong New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province, the beautiful "magnesium capital of China". It is a comprehensive enterprise that integrates the production, processing, sales and service of mineral products, with products sold well across the country and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Africa and other countries and regions. As a market-oriented company, it adopts advanced testing equipment, strictly implements the ISO quality management system, and coordinates downstream enterprises to join the company and form win-win cooperation in horizontal and vertical directions. It main products include: 325 mesh - 5000 mesh talc, talc particles (PP, PE carrier talc particles, carrier-free talc particles, carrier-free mica powder particles) of ceramic grade, paint coating grade and building material grade, various specifications of talc, talc masterbatch, talc particles, mica powder, mica particles, color masterbatch, modified plastic particles, magnesium hydroxide (flame retardant grade, filling grade), chlorite powder and calcium carbonate.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "seeking reputation with high quality, expanding the market with reputation, market-oriented and customer-centered", establishes and improves a modern enterprise system, and makes common progress with domestic and foreign customers based on correct corporate culture and the principles of integrity, truth seeking, service and development.

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